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Prof Graziella Fava Vizziello


Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted that we can all take advantage of this new AEPEA site format and, furthermore, that we shall have more opportunities to talk, not only together, but also with all our foreign colleagues.

I would like to begin with some information concerning the way that AEPEA’S Italian section came together.

In 1996, I was called by Pier Ferrari, who had launched the adventure that occurred at the Monaco congress, to help with locating this type of congress in Italy and, in particular, in Venice, where we arranged a rather successful one, which resulted in some very significant repercussions.

The main reasons were, essentially, two:

1. In Italy, they were already working well and enthusiastically in organising the services, which the new National Health Law had obliged us to create, but because of the language barrier, there were too few exchanges abroad, and the ability to discuss is a fundamental requirement.

 2. The scientific contribution and organisation that we have set up, together with Michel Soulé’s genius, envisaging AEPEA’S goals, which can be read in Ferrari’s introduction, the first President, and myself, when I was elected to the same office, many years ago.

We, however, need to have an Italian movement and it is for this reason that we, with some well-known Italian colleagues, have had an Italian section since 1998, whose activities we shall underline and describe below, inviting our Italian colleagues to provide us with all the activities that we have not inserted, in particular, would you please let us have an indication of the books and articles that you have had published?

I shall continue, at this point, to write in Italian (using Google translator), so that everyone can participate. All the translations required, in any case, are available on the site.

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